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Not One For Cooking Thanksgiving Fixins? Pick Up Some Trendy Treats To Take To Your Holiday Dinners

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Turkey… Dressing (or if you prefer to call it, stuffing)… Mashed Potatoes… Sweet Potatoes… Green Bean Casserole… Cranberry Sauce… and PUMPKIN PIE! You know what we are talking about, don't you? That annual meal where we gobble up our holiday favorites and countdown to our family and friends gathering into town!

But if you've ever cooked a complete Thanksgiving meal yourself, you know it's a day long undertaking that starts before the sun comes up on the fourth Thursday of November or for some, it starts up to a week in advance with pie and cake baking! However, if the thought of basting a turkey all day or standing over a hot stove isn't quite your preferred way to spend the holiday, you can still contribute to the day's delicious to-dos.


Just stop by Barefoot Landing and pick up some sweet and savory treats on your way!

Unique flavors of the Beef Jerky Store can be a conversation starter at your holiday party! From Cajun to sweet, to pickled treats, the meat lovers of the family can savor the selections of beef, turkey and even alligator jerky!

Colette's Popcorn is a place to pick up something outside of the box, or in their case inside the popcorn tub! From sweet to savory to some mixtures of both, pick up your favorites on your way to Grandma's! It's a treat that can be enjoyed before dinner and after your Thanksgiving eating nap! We know we all take them!

Want to create something without heating up the kitchen? Infused honeys at the Savannah Bee Company or infused oils at The Olive Shoppe can accompany any charcuterie boards you create! From cheeses, fruits, deli meats and more, add a little honey or olive oil with your favorite flavors and create the perfect appetizer to compliment any holiday feast! While you're at Savannah Bee, pick up a bottle of mead for your dinner's host! It's a sweet way to say Thank You this Thanksgiving!

Speaking of drinks for the adults, another place to pick up something smooth is Kentucky Mist Distillery. This shop in Dockside Village features moonshines along with flavored vodkas and more. It can be the perfect night cap to the perfect holiday meal and day with family.

So whether you are hosting your own dinner or you're making plans to celebrate at someone else's place, you can always bring along some sweetness (or something savory) this Thanksgiving with a quick trip to Barefoot Landing!

Special Events , Dining , Shopping