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Shining Sol Candle Company At Barefoot Landing Brings You All Your Favorite Scents With All Natural, American Made Candles

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As soon as you walk through the door of Shining Sol Candle Company, wonderful aromas fill the air. From the ocean, beach and florals to the newest scents for fall, you're sure to find your favorite or favorites when you visit Shining Sol Candle Company's new location at Barefoot Landing.

Officially opening in July, Shining Sol Candle Company was founded by award winning songwriter, producer and author Pete Evick in 2012 along with his friend Sara Rodriquez. Evick is also known for being the guitarist and music director for music icon and reality TV star Bret Michaels for the last 17 years.

Shining Sol not only aims to create the best eco-friendly candle on the market using 100% soy wax, but also keeps everything "local" by using the soy grown by farmers in the American Heartland. The soy wax is considered a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to other more traditional candle waxes, according to Evick.The candle also has a wooden wick, considered to be a healthier, eco-friendlier alternative to traditional cotton wicks which often contain chemicals and lead. All components of the product are American made, from the wick cutting, to the glass vessels and the candles themselves, which are hand poured in Virginia. Customers can even make their own candle, choosing the size, scent and color.

Just follow your nose and stroll on over to Shining Sol Candle Company for the perfect scent to help you relax and unwind. Located next to Colette's Popcorn near the carousel.