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​Take A Walk On The Wild (Life) Side As You Shop and Dine at Barefoot Landing

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It's been a crazy year and Barefoot Landing wants to help make the holidays and 2021 great for everyone.

We all know that exercise is good for everyone and walking is one of the best forms of exercise, not to mention that most people can do it, no matter what your level of fitness may be.

Physical activity also causes your body to release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, creating a better mood and happiness. While shopping you are sure to get your steps in, and all while taking in the sights and sounds of nature that Barefoot Landing has to offer. Whether you're on a leisurely stroll or walking at a fast clip to get that heart rate up, the natural atmosphere and beauty of Barefoot Landing will surround you.

Don't be surprised if you come across a "bale" of turtles. Sometimes they'll be on top of each other clinging to a rock carefree and calm or sunning themselves in the reeds in large groups.

Cormorants are also plentiful at Barefoot Landing. After a swim to catch their lunch of fish, they can be seen perched over the water with their wings spread wide to dry.

Blue Herons, the majestic blueish gray bird with what appears to be a Mohawk of feathers on top are also abundant around the Lake at Barefoot Landing. They will stand motionless as they scan the water to find their next meal. But don't be fooled by how slow and methodical their moves are. If one finds that delicious meal, they can be lightning fast in their efforts to catch it.

In contrast to the darker coloring of the Blue Heron, Egrets, also members of the Heron family, are mostly white and are often standing on the banks or wading in the lake, as they too, hunt for their meal of fresh fish.

Of course, Barefoot Landing also has its share of ducks, otters, squirrels, birds, insects and other wildlife that call it home. There's no telling who or what you might see relaxing and taking in the sights.

The beauty and amazement of nature doesn't end with the wildlife. Natural and manmade displays, landscaping and foliage, including many varieties of flowers, plants and over 200 year old oak trees can be found throughout Barefoot Landing.

And the holidays just wouldn't be complete without a little holiday décor, and at Barefoot we go all out, with traditional and coastal themed displays decking the bridges, walkways and common areas. It's sure to put a smile on even the Scroogiest of people. And don't forget Barefoot Landing is pet friendly, so while you're shopping, dining & enjoying the breathtaking scenery, bring Fido along to enjoy and get their exercise too!

Dining , Shopping