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National Taffy Day is Sunday, May 23rd

Posted in Dining

It's chewy… it's stretchy… sometimes, it's sweet… and other times, it's tangy! You can enjoy just one, but you'll be tempted to eat more. The mouth-watering confection we love called Salt Water Taffy is a staple for vacationers and locals alike and there is no better day to enjoy the sweet treat than on Sunday, May 23rd, otherwise known as National Taffy Day!

A quick google search reveals salt water taffy was invented in 1883 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

How's it created? Although some recipes vary, most start with boiling sugar and butter and then it is continuously stretched into the perfect consistency before being rolled, cut and tucked in those famous white wrappers. The chewy candy comes in a wide variety of flavors including the classics such as vanilla, butterscotch and peppermint to more unique flavors including tutty fruity, lemon lime and cotton candy. (Our favorite? GRAPE!)

Although originally created in the Garden State, you can find the snack in two different shops at Barefoot Landing, River Street Sweets and Wee R Sweetz.

At Wee R Sweetz, you can watch as the Salt Water Taffy is made on site by 100 year old machines! Yes, that's a century of taffy making! Whether you're filling a seven ounce box to a three pound tub, you can select the flavors of your choice. You can also select your favorites at River Street Sweets. Imported and shipped daily from their shop in Savannah, you can select as many or as little as you like!

Whether it's for you or for a special occasion or you need a quick, but sweet gift to go, Salt Water Taffy from one of your favorite Barefoot Landing sweet shops is the perfect piece of sweetness that you can enjoy on not only on Sunday, May 23rd… but every day of the week!