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America's Favorite Snack – Popcorn Through the Ages

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What is one of America's favorite snacks, why popcorn of course! And did you know this very versatile treat has its own National Day on January 19th. But, before celebrating the day that brings us this delicious snack, here are some fun facts that you may not know:

• In 1890, Chicago entrepreneur, Charles Cretors, built the first popcorn popping machine.
• In 1900, Cretors introduced the first horse drawn popcorn wagon and the era of popcorn lovers had begun.
• The first patent for microwave popcorn was issued to General Mills in 1981 at which time home consumption increased by the tens of thousands.
• Today, Americans eat about one million pounds of un-popped popcorn a year according to the History Channel.

Popcorn goes hand in hand with many things – watching a movie, carnivals and good times in general, and it has exploded as a favorite snack that people love in many different flavors and types. Sure, you can have your microwave popcorn at home, but what if you're craving something with a little more flavor? Then check out Colette's Popcorn at Barefoot Landing, where you can sample first. Colette's offers everything from the traditional movie theater to caramel and even snicker doodle. Plus every day they have a new flavor of the day. Buy a bag, a bucket or if you're entertaining, you may even need a whole tin. And don't forget to bring your empty Collette's bucket back for a discount on your next one.

Colette's isn't the only place at Barefoot Landing where you can fulfill your popcorn needs. Wee R. Sweetz, River Street Sweets and the Beef Jerky Store also have popcorn offerings in a variety of flavors.

So whether you're getting ready to have a movie night with the family or you're hosting a party, you can always count on finding just the right flavor of America's favorite snack at Barefoot Landing.