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New Spring Fashions – Embellished and Easy to Find at Barefoot Landing

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Make no mistake, spring is on its way! And with the new season comes fabulous new fashion.
Fashionable and practical, this season promises lots of military and bomber styles, particularly in jackets with big, cargo pockets, box shapes and fun embellishments.

Layering is still in and anyone who lives or visits the South knows that layering is always the name of the game in early Spring! So bring on the cotton, yarn sweaters available at Chico's in bright rainbow colors, or the fringe ponchos in equally exciting hues, both of which can be used as a top layer, another "fringe" benefit if you will of the whole layering concept! Couple either with a matching cami or one that compliments the outer layer and you are all set!

Button down shirts are a staple to any wardrobe and can definitely make a splash in numerous fabrics, colors and styles. At White House|Black Market add fancy cut out designs in spandex to silky, soft machine washable materials in bright shades, giving the feeling of fashion and fun! random boutique wants you to let your t-shirt do the talking for you with today's hottest slogans and sayings, plus the dressy tee that feels like one, but doesn't look like one are plentiful. And at Francesca's you'll discover lots of off shoulder action with the off the shoulder and cut out design for an afternoon in the sun or a night on the town.

Utility styles play a big role this year from jackets and shirts to pants. Slacks that can be worn as an ankle pant or converted to a crop are not only comfortable, but versatile too! And making one outfit look like two is always good, not only for the look, but for the pocketbook as well!

Speaking of pocketbooks, the trends range from teeny tiny clutches and carry alongs to big, duffel sized bags. Additional attachments just for looks make them whimsical and fun, while metallic, shiny, appliques and embellishments make each one unique.

As the theme of the season goes, it's all about the embellishments, from jackets, sweaters and shirts with beads, ties, strings and fringe. And add the word big to that when referring to accessories. Long, large pendants that hang down to the mid-section, platform shoes and big earrings that have feathers, gems, shapes and more can be seen paired with everything from the utilitarian looks to the flashy ones.

Whichever trend suits your fancy and makes you long for spring, Barefoot Landing has it. With stores like Chico's, White HouselBlack Market, Francesca's, Random Boutique, Tara Grinna and more, you're sure to not only look good, but have fun while shopping!