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Comedy and Juggling, All While Riding a Unicycle… Only at Barefoot Landing

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So you're looking for excitement? Well at Barefoot Landing we have lots of it, especially during our annual SummerFest! nightly entertainment series. Now through the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we'll have plenty of music, kids' activities and entertainers to keep your toes tapping, your hands clapping and keep a smile on your face.

Every year, for nine years, we have had the pleasure of hosting Nick Pike, a semi-finalist from "America's Got Talent". He has a special talent which involves a unicycle, some bowling pins, knives, fire and lots of humor.

Nick hails from a small town called Sidmouth in England in the UK. He has lived in the United States, right here on the Grand Strand to be exact, since 2007. He got started doing his act as a professional at 19 years old. But the real start of this crazy, exciting act came when he was at a folk festival at the age of 11 and learned to juggle. He loved the performers, but the mixed skill with comedy is what appealed to him the most. A school drama teacher pushed him to do his act on stage and the rest is history!

In 2010, Nick appeared on "America's Got Talent". He says he really enjoyed meeting the other acts, which was a mix of professionals and amateurs from all walks of life. "It's amazing how much time and effort it takes to make a one hour TV show."
Nick's favorite thing about performing is making people laugh. He really likes to ride his 7 foot unicycle as it combines volunteers from the crowd, comedy, skill and danger with the fire juggling.

His performances have taken him all over the world, but Barefoot Landing is one of his favorite places to entertain. "Some families come out to watch the show every year, so it has a real community feeling." And of course, being at Barefoot Landing also allows him to stay at home so that he can spend time with his wife, Erica and his six year old daughter, Izzy, who has also taken an interest in performing.

Nick also does some serious kitesurfing in exotic locations, but for the summer, he is an official resident in the SummerFest! nightly entertainment series at Barefoot Landing. You can see him perform in the Lakeside Village Sunday through Thursday starting at 7 pm.

Special Events , Entertainment