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​New Styles, Colors and Designs are Blooming this Spring at Barefoot Landing

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The spring season will soon be upon us and with it comes a plethora of new colors, styles, shapes and fabrics. This year the big color is beige and lots of it. Various shades of beige can be seen in one outfit or mixed and matched with some pops of pastels. Mixing fabrics is something you'll see this spring as well. Combining leather with silk or linen won't be anything out of the ordinary.

If beige isn't your color, why not try out the new bright neons and pastels? One small accessory in neon will make you look like you're not only fashion conscious, but right on track with the trends. You'll see a lot of pastels too, particularly in outerwear and tailored separates, making a softer, feminine statement. And stripes are everywhere in various patterns. A great place to shop these new trends is Barefoot Landing's Chico's. At Chico's ladies will find a wide variety of both casual and professional items in vibrant colors and exciting styles, the perfect additions to any wardrobe.

A bit of a continuation from last year shows function in the form of khaki, patch pockets and cargo pants. Even suits have a functional twist with one-step dressing, which is both cool and comfortable. Francesca's can meet all of these fashion needs and then some. From cargo pants and dress pants, to casual or career minded tops and dresses perfect for the office or night on the town, you'll find the perfect ensemble to take you from day to night.

Leather makes a comeback in both faux and real leather. Aside from the standard leather jacket, you'll see other elements of the everyday wardrobe and in various colors from black to brown, and red and white. Animal prints are also coming back, but in bigger, better styles and on clothing as well as accessories. Don't be surprised to see a leopard print paired with a summer floral print this season. The skie's the limit when it comes to the versatility.

Crafted details like crochet or macramé on tops, accessories and everywhere are slated to be a big hit for spring. Let the artist in you put a crocheted top together with a macramé bag to strut your personal style.

Jewelry has a slightly newer look as well. Earrings with lots of tassels, bigger, bolder designs in the same soft pastels and bright colors of apparel are just a few of the newer trends. Plus messy layered necklaces in various sizes and shapes help to give a modern look to any outfit.

At Barefoot you can find all the latest trends and fashion essentials. Plus with summer just around the corner it's never too early to think swimwear. Barefoot Landing is home to Tara Grinna, the original designer of swim wear separates. From swim wear to cover-ups, sunglasses and everything in between, Tara Grinna is the perfect place to start when shopping summer and resort wear.

So, for the latest, exciting, new, spring styles and fashions, plus to add a little summer to your wardrobe early, head to Barefoot Landing, where fashion meets every style.