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Ring the New Year in Right at Barefoot Landing

Posted in Dining

New Year's Eve means different things to people.

For some, it's the last night before new diets, breaking old habits, going to the gym or other new year's resolutions. To others, it's a night of partying and fun before starting fresh in 2017. And there are those who like to have a bit more of a subdued evening. To those of you looking for any one of these things for New Year's Eve, we say Barefoot Landing is the place to be.

The celebration begins with a display of light, color and sound as the last fireworks of the year light up the sky at 6:00 pm over the lake. Then, if you're looking for some great food before starting on a new fitness path in 2017, check out Tbonz Gill & Grill, offering three delicious dinners with sides for just $26.95. Or if you really want to enjoy some serious festivities that will take you into the New Year, Castano's has a special menu, drink specials, live music by Harlequin and a balloon drop. Greg Norman's Australian Grille is also inviting guests to enjoy the party with a special holiday menu and live music by Surfside. Reservations are required for these dinners. And The House of Blues has tickets available for their Rocking New Year's Eve Party which includes a four course meal, live music and dancing with local favorite Tru Sol.

If what you really want to do is just relax and watch the College Playoffs, stop by Wild Wing Café for plenty of TVs, wings, other good food choices and camaraderie. From noon to 4, you can even get the traditional New Year's Eve meal including ham and hopping john.

So if you're looking for a party to take you into the New Year, a quiet dinner with the family or a night full of football, we can help you end 2016 and start 2017 off right here at Barefoot Landing.